We produce, design and mount wood, metal and segmented fences, gates according to individual orders.


Metal fences


Metal fence is durable as compared with wood fences, moreover, it does not require so much maintenance. Vertical bars of metal fence may be decorated with different ornaments. Fences may be made of black metal or stainless steel; black metal products require maintenance; also, fences may be galvanized or covered in powder paint. You may order metal fences of non-standard dimensions. TAMING OF THE SHREW DETAILS

Wooden fences


Wood faces are most often made of conifer, hardwood, impregnated wood. Wood fences are made according to individual orders taking into account the client's needs and characteristics of the land plot.

Segment fences 1


Are galvanized in "hot" zinc method, may be additionally covered in plastic or powder paint pursuant to RAL. Standard length is 2500 mm, thickness of wire is 5 mm, holes are of 50x200 mm, fence columns are of 60x40x2 mm. Metal or plastic fitting holders include screws. Products are certified.

Are covered by "hot" zinc method, additionally they can be covered with plastic or painted by powder method according to RAL. Standard length 2500 mm, thickness of double horizontal wire 8 mm, vertical wire 6 mm, meshes 50x200 mm, pole of fence 60x40x3 mm. Metallic or plastic holders are complemented with screws. Products are certificated.

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