We project, produce and mount different type wooden (pine, mahogany) windows and outside, terrace doors, according to customers' request. We can offer for you competitive prices.

At this branch works professionals who have longtime experience, what guarantees quality and qualified consultations.
It is very important to take right decision when selecting windows or doors for your home. We always offer qualified consultations and recommendations. Consultations are free.
Our products have CE 5 years guarantee.


The purchase of wooden window requires taking into account the thickness of frame, whereas thicker frame enhances the thermal characteristics of the product and provides additional rigidity.
Therefore, we offer you a 115 mm wood windows made from water resistant glue laminated wood without knots. Wood blanks made from wood core. Plywood is resistant for deformation. For the windows production we use mahogany, which has a long life, resistance to damp and cold. Mahogany is not necessary to paint, just once every few years impregnated.


Climate changes affects the properties of wood windows, so we offer wood windows coated with aluminum from the outside. These windows are protected from harmful environment effects caused by frost, UV rays, and wind. Between wood and aluminum construction is good ventilation, which prevents the accumulation of damp on wood frame.


Windows are generally made with a number of tiny cells, opening to the outside. Opening mechanism designed so that you can clean the window from the outside.
Both the wood window and window coated with aluminum can be painted in colors of your choice.


Wood Certificates.




Here you can see samples of our windows and calculate the price of the desired windows. Fill in the table and press "send" next to the type of windows you have selected and we will send you the price. 
The indicated drawings are only guide drawings. These are not all types of windows because we have a wide range of them. If you cannot find the type you want, please contact us in person.

Here you can count the price of these Danish tipe windows:




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